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120V AC

Brand: MinoSaver Model: #5
110Volt, 1.4 Amp- 1,550 rpm, 1/20 HP fan cooled thermal protected continuous motor. Sturdy shockproof motor mount with brass shaft. 4-7/16" x 9-1/2" epoxy coated basket. Made with galvanized hardware mesh. Hard rubber aerating chamber. For up to 250 gal tanks. Wt.: 9lbs.This is a new motor with ..
Brand: MinoSaver Model: #5A
1550 R.P.M., 1/20 HP Fan cooled thermal protected continuous motor. Hard rubber aerating chamber. The pump delivers approximately 250 gallons per hour at 1 foot rise. The pump can be easily changed to another #5 agitator, when the old agitator is worn out. Ideal for water circulation, filtering, etc..
Brand: MinoSaver Model: #6A
#6A - Enclosed fan cooled, thermal protected continuous duty motor. 4” x 9” epoxy coated basket. Hard rubber aerating chamber. Great for troughs and storage tanks. Remarkably smooth and quiet in operation. This Aerator has a smaller width than the #5. For 250 gal. tanks. Wt.: 8 lbs...
Brand: MinoSaver Model: #8A
The #8A has the same design as the classical #8, but features a 110V motor.  Agitator/Aerator.  This agitator is meant to run sporadically, not continuously.  It has to do about 50% more work than other agitator designs with the #8 stem. Do Not Buy this agitator if you want to run it ..
110-volt Replacement Motor 110-volt Replacement Motor
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Brand: MinoSaver Model: MS-110VMotor
This is a replacement Motor designed for the Minnow-Saver #5, 5A, 6A, 8V, 110-volt Unit Agitator/Aerator. This is a brand new motor based on the classic design. 1/20 HP like its predecessor. It is designed for a very long life. Shade Pole with oil reserve and cap.  Thermal protection. 1.3 Amps ..
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