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MinoTech primary 110V motor manufacture has gone bankrupt/shutdown. Unfortunately we have now run out of 110V motors and we do not know when a new manufacture will be found.

Until then our 12V Aerators and baskets/boxes are still available.

Motors (12-Volt)

Motors (12-Volt)
12-volt Motor Assembly for #8, #9, #9A 12-volt Motor Assembly for #8, #9, #9A
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Brand: MinoSaver Model: MS-12VAssembly
This is a replacement pre-assembled 12-volt motor housed in its original chassis. Pre-configured with fan blades and a cork-top indicator (appears white when motor is running; appearance of red-stripe indicates motor is off).This unit is a replaceable part intended for Minnow-Saver #8, #9 and ..
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Brand: MinoSaver Model: MS-12Fan
Replacement fan for 12-volt motors...
Brand: MinoSaver Model: MS-12V3MOTOR
This is a replacement part designed for Minnow-Saver #3 Battery Unit Agitator/Aerator...
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Model: MS-12VMOTOR
This is a replacement part designed for Minnow-Saver #9 and #9A, #8 Agitator/Aerators. Does NOT include Lola Hose & Ferrule..
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